Pride before destruction

I think this verse meant that, if we become too prideful there are many things that can happen to us that is not good. For example, being too prideful can cause you to look down on others. But pride also has some good stuff too, not all bad. Having pride can raise your self esteem, but even though it could, raising it could lead you into underestimation others and looking down on them. Even though the verse didn’t really say it but its kind of noted you about it. If pride comes before destruction, then humble comes before glory. It shows that God wants us to be humble.

Pride is something that everyone struggles with because, everyone’s heart has a hole. In that hole you want to fill it, but its a bottomless hole. Whenever you want to fill something up, it’ll just drain away. Some people fill it with fame. But others fill it with pride, sometimes you just need to “feel good“. But it turns out you can never seem to fill it up. But for Christians, they fill the hole with God. With God you won’t have to struggle with pride, and finally the hole will be filled.

“Ding don Ding don” The bell rang.  “Were having a test next week remember to study!” The teacher said. On my way home I saw Jake standing in the hallway whistling a tune. “Hey jake you wanna come over and study with me?” I asked.  “Nah, I’m fine I’m gonna go to the party with Karen and he ninth graders.”  At home I went on Facebook and saw their was a picture of Jake and the ninth grader. Champagne?! Their not even old enough to drink it! The next day, I asked him why he was drinking champagne when he’s not suppose to. “Why do you care? Champagne’s MY LIfe!” He replied. “You should not drink, its bad for your health.” I said. But, jake just rolled his eye and walked away.



Role Model…

  1. What’s your definition of a “role model”?

I think role model is the person you admire, and also the person who you wants to become. It can be a member of your family or some celebrity.

2.   Aside from family, who do teenager name as their top role models?

Aside from family, teenagers name relatives as their top role models.

3.   The article states, “A majority of teens indicated that the people they most admire and imitate are those with whom they maintain a personal connection, friendship, or interaction.” Why is               this significant? Is this true in your own life?

Yes, because those are the people that you most interact with and the most that you care for and listen to. So many things that they do greatly affected us.

4.   The article listed many reasons for why teens named a particular role model. Which reason do you relate to the most? In other words, which reason is the most similar to why you choose                     certain role models in your own life?

People who have great courage are my role model. Because sometime I will just turn my back on something because I’m scared or embarrassed. So I really admire those who have great courage, and strong faith.

5.   In the “What It Says” section of the article, which of the four findings from the article was most surprising or enlightening to you? In other words, which finding made you say, “Huh?” or                       “Wow!”? Tell which one and why.

I actually thought that friends would be the greatest influence instead of family members. I find that website interesting it tells me lots about how people think of their life influences, it show who they really are instead of getting ask while the peer pressure is still on them.

The Conflict- fictional story

Jason Hart is a kid live next door to our house. He seems to be having a conflict these days. Finally I got to ask him what happened to him. but suddenly his mom yelled to him from three blocks away.

“Jason! Get in the house right now!” She yelled.

What can he do, so he just walk back into the house. That night i secretly hide beside their house and I heard everything they were talking about.

“Jason is it you who took mom’s ring.” Mr.Hart asked.

“It’s not me! It’s Mason who took it!” He replied.

“Stop blaming everything on your brother!” His parent shouted back.

The next day, I went over to Jason and once again I ask him what happened to him. he told me everything including his deepest secret. He’s adopted by his parents.

“Jason, i feel really sorry for you. Is there anything i can do for you?” I asked.

Jason thought for a moment then ask,” Can I live at your house? I am pretty sure my step-mom going to be real happy about it.”

“Sure, but I still have to get my mom’s permission.” I told him.

“Ok, I’ll wait for your answer on the phone.”He replied.

that night I asked my mom, at first she said no, until i told her his problem.

Violence is not the answer—Avril Lavigne  reported that the singer was involved in a fight outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at around 1 a.m. Sunday morning, and her boyfriend, Brody Jenner, was hit in the head with a bottle while trying to break it up.  Today, Lavinge confirmed the altercation via Twitter, writing, “I don’t fight. I don’t believe in it. To clear things up I got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool. My face is f**ked.  As in black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts. So not ok to be abusive to others. Violence is NEVER the answer.” 5 people jump on a girl and punch her out?? Thats sick. what is wrong with people? hope for her recovery soon.

5 people jump on a girl and punch her out?? Thats sick.

Dear Abby…

Dear Abby:  I am a 13 year-old girl.  The other day in school, my teacher accused me of cheating on an assignment.  I didn’t know what to say because it was actually my best friend who cheated, not me.  If I don’t tell the teacher, I’ll get in trouble for something I didn’t do.  If I do tell the teacher, my friend might stop talking to me and stop being my friend.  What should I do?  – Feeling Cheated

Dear Feeling Cheated:  I think you should just tell the teacher that its not you its actually your best friend. If you don’t want to let you’re best friend know its you who told the teacher. You can tell the teacher privately, so he/she can just tell your best friend privately. You’ll still be friend with them, but if they won’t tell the teacher the truth and let you just get in trouble. He/she’s probably not some good friend.   — Abby

Dear Abby:  I am in middle school, and I get the best grades in the class.  I always try my best even though sometimes I feel really stressed about life.  My parents keep pushing me to work harder and become smarter, but I’m doing the best I can already!  If they keep pushing me, I’m afraid I might explode.  Should I talk to them about how I’m feeling even though I don’t think they’ll listen? – Ready to Explode

Dear Ready to Explode: I think you should find a time when your parents are having fun and discuss with them about this problem. Parents listen! You just have to find the right time and have the right attitude. You should tell them in the nice when even if they disagree do not just get out of your control and slam the door or something like that. You’re parents probably still disagree with you so “prove it!!”


When its hard to choose to do the rite thing… (i know i spell right wrong)

Have you ever heard of peer pressure? yea whatever, Peer pressure refers to the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to conform to group norms. Social groups affected include membership groups, when the individual is “formally” a member (for example, political party, trade union), or a social clique. A person affected by peer pressure may or may not want to belong to these groups. They may also recognize shnitzel dissociative groups with which they would not wish to associate, and thus they behave adversely concerning that group’s behaviors. ——–> Yea there it is, well peer pressure is a really strong force. Whenever a person speak something rude of others, the other person talks about it too. Until then, you were the last one. What would you choose? being nice to the person and don’t talk bad stuff of him/her? Well when you do that you’ll only get call a LOSER… Even though you still have to resist. I try many times but it turns out you only want to stay friend with them so you say the same thing. Whenever i heard people say bad things of others. First I’ll think should I say it too?—->Keep my friends or be nice?—> in the end I lost… By the way, adults keep saying you should not be friend with those people, but have you ever experience this? you will only do the same thing and choose to keep friend. IT IS REALLY HARD TO RESIST. THIS IS EVEN HARDER THEN RESISTING DRUGS. CAUSE WE WANT TO KEEP FRIEND. (I’m not angry just showing the point so I use Bold and Capital letters…) Well in the end we still have to get over it…

A foolish example

I’ve read a book about a man who wanted everything. He showed us we shouldn’t be greedy or else we’ll loose everything. In the story the man was a king. He wanted the most expensive clothes, and everything from the citizen. When he was about to force the citizens to go help him find a book that was lost in the sea. The citizens think he went to far, and decide to do a trick on him. All the citizens left, no one to serve, no one to let him command, in the end he can only work by himself. The citizens came back, because they see the change in him. Maybe I was wrong it didn’t only teach us not to be greedy and also to be generous. I really like this book but oh well!! I lost it!! 🙂


Q: Was one worldview more prevalent than the others (i.e.more people believe it) throughout the graph?  If so, which one?

A: All the three questions about worldview were won by Christianity.

Q: What was something that you expected to show up on the graph that did?  Explain.

A: Yes, I thought the Christian worldview would win.

Q: What was something surprising that showed up on the graph?  Explain.

A: That quite a few people were in between.

Q : Was it difficult to decide which worldview category people’s views fit into?  Explain why or why not.

A: Not really most of them had are obvious.

Q: Where do your views fit in with those of your classmates?  Are you in the majority or minority?  How do you feel about this?  Please be honest!

A: I am probably in between so it would be minority.

The video…

Compare the story in the video to the story of the two builders in the Bible (Matt. 7:24-27).  In the video, who is the wise builder and who is the foolish one?  Obviously they weren’t building houses, so what is their task?          
Evelyn  is the foolish one, she chose to go partying instead of finishing her work. In the end, she got expelled by copying her friend’s work. And she also dragged her friend into trouble. Her friend Stephanie, was the wise builder, who helped their friends by giving her work as a guide.
How does the one student show wisdom?  What good choices does she make?
Stephanie, she helped Evelyn by giving her USB that contain her work as a guide. She made a good choice to help her friend.
How does the other student show foolishness?  What poor choices does she make?                                                                    Answer 3: Evelyn, on the other hand, chose to party instead of doing work. She got in trouble by copying Stephanie’s work.
What is your worst-ever case of procrastination?  How did it end up?                                                                                                      Answer 4: Well, I sometimes forget to do some of my homework. So start copying some of my friend’s work. I didn’t copy the exact same thing, I only read their work and write them in my own words, it often end up me turning in my work and no one actually knows. It’s not a good thing and I barely do this so…yea.
What do you suppose is our motivation for foolish procrastination and path-of-least-resistance “construction” (like the party girl in the video or the foolish builder in the Bible)?                                           I think boyfriend and girlfriend make them tempted. They always got tempted because they want to stay with them longer and forget about work. In the story Dylan convince her to do it later. The foolish ways are often easier and tempting, so lots of people chose the foolish way instead of the right way.
What are some things that distract you from making wise decisions in your own life?  How can you avoid those distractions?                                                                                                                                                                       There are lots of stuff that can distract me. Friends, computers, chats, interesting stuff, gossip, and other stupid things. Sometime you need friend to help you concentrate or turn off things that can tempt you to use.
Do you think the video shows a realistic situation (i.e. could this happen at your school or university someday)?  Why or why not?                                                                                                                                                           This may happen to me and may not. If I learn the good way, then I won’t really get into this situation.
If Jesus came to talk to the “foolish girl,” what do you think he would say to her?  Would he be harsh and reprimand her?  Would he show her grace and not give any consequences?  Write what you think Jesus would say to her.

I think Jesus will show grace and show her the right way. After that Jesus will forgive her if she ask for it. Maybe there will be consequences that we can’t really see. For example, many time when I do something bad and wrong, I felt bad. When people forgive you, sometime you feel like crying. You may keep wondering why am I crying for this. In conclusion I think Jesus will give her a consequences in her heart.


  1. How did God respond to Jonah’s disobedience (hint: it’s more than just the whale)?
God made the storm to get him off the ship and made him wait in the whale.
  1. What did Jonah learn from his wrongdoing?
Always trust God. Because he knows what is best for you.
  1. What lesson can we learn from this story about God’s direction in our lives?
Follow God’s path cause it will be good for you, he will forgive you if you ask.